Hang out with other female founders and women doing extraordinary things in business

Ladies, this is our private space to connect, share ideas and pick each others' brains!

Being a boss, especially when it's your own business, but also if you're the leader of a team, comes with certain challenges. One of the main ones is knowing who you can trust.

The She's The Boss Members portal is our own safe space to share confidences, ask for help, connect, network and do business.

We want you to get to know each other, make new friendships, strike up strategic alliances and use this group to help you celebrate successes and brainstorm any issues you might have.

You can create your own profile, look through the profiles of the other members, start topics for conversations and message each other. 

It's pretty cool!

Why sign up as a member? Do I just get to go to the online lunches?

We have been running She's The Boss lunches since early 2020 and while it's fantastic to hang out online and get to know each other, it became very clear that people wanted to connect outside of the lunches.

To do deals, to discuss common issues, to collaborate and commiserate. So we thought we would build a private space for you to do that!

Join us, and as well as this awesome membership platform, you can also come along to our online lunches and meet some other extraordinary, inspiring business women. And you can attend as many times as you like.

You also get the other awesome membership perks - with more to come!

* Build your searchable profile within the members portal

* Post about your business on the Facebook group page

* Get 15% off Handle Your Own PR and She's The Boss FIGJAM products

* Get access to our future initiatives such as events,  the potential for a show on our TV network, books, magazines, newsletters and more. Watch this space!

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